Hi welcome to my website I’m Damaneeq Hines I’m 24 years old and I’m here to show my pictures and I also edit my pictures so if your interested contact me at Damo12388@gmail.com.

Project #1

This picture I took with my LG smartphone the iso was 100 f.no was 1.8 and the shutter was 1/200 with a black and white filter.

Project #2

This picture I also took on my LG smartphone. I took this while waiting for the bus. This was taking in mid motion of the MTA bus driving. The iso was 100 f.no 1.8 and shutter 1/1181.

Project #3

This picture I really like because of the rainbow flare that was in the picture that was taken by my LG smartphone. I took this picture of my nieces school it was so bright outside I didn’t even notice. The iso 100 f.no 1.8 shutter 1/1462.

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